Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 02/14/01

Artist's Statement

We've all had days like this, I hope. You're sitting at home, bored and restless, nothing interests you, then you go out and it's even worse. I've learned that there is really nothing to do on such nights but ride them out, and you might as well stay home and save your money. On this particular night I got a cartoon idea out of it, but I didn't draw it until later.

Please note that the Francis Bacon print on the wall in the left panel is echoed by the truncated, open-mouthed face of the man shouting his order over my shoulder in the right panel, and that the novel I have lost interest in on the left is titled "Barn Slut," which features a cover illustration of a young lady's buttocks in a hayloft being suggestively menaced by a pitchfork.