Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 03/07/01

Artist's Statement

I drew this specially for a speech I gave to the Forum on Innovative Aproaches to Outer Planetary Exploration 2001-2020 at the Lunar Planetary Institute in Houston, Texas last week (funny story, that, about which maybe more later), but it was vetoed at the last minute by the person who had asked me to seak there, who was understandably (and probably wisely) worried about how it would be received. This is just a comment on the way we human beings go on defacing the entire universe with our dumb vulgarity--very much in sympathy with Holden Caulfield's famous lament that if you had a million years to do it, you could never rubout all the 'fuck you' signs in the world.

With all respect to the space program, I would point out that we did leave a fair amount of garbage up there, including not only necessary equipment but a couple of golf bals and Richard Nixon's autograph on a plaque.