Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 05/30/01

Artist's Statement

I actually drew each of these cards for a specific occasion in my own life, which occasions I will leave to the reader's imagination. I'll say only that the last of them, "I'm Sorry I Destroyed Your Life," was not one that I sent but one that I would have liked to receive from someone else. (Needless to say, she never sent it.) My friend Michael Lynch actually did have reason to send that card to someone, and what he wrote on the inside was, "...I just couldn't help myself."

I only threw these together in the form of an advertisement as a flimsy unifying device, but if anyone actually wants to order one of these cards, I don't know, send me a couple of bucks and I'll print one up for you. Frank, of the local punk band National Razor FDIC, has already put in a request for a gross of "I'm Sorry I Was Surly." I have no doubt he'll go through them quickly.