Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 07/25/01

Artist's Statement

A series of obvious puns, this one has been on file in my head for months now. What kept me from drawing it for so long, aside from my legendary laziness, was my uncertainty about Goth fashions. But this last week I was visited by my old college friend Phil, who has infiltrated many a subculture, from punks to goths to candy ravers, and while he was staying with me he purchased an issue of Propaganda, a fashion magazine for Goth kids which I used as a reference. Except, of course, that I made the kids in the drawing look more like pathetic misfit high school kids than the androgynous pouty-lipped models in the magazine, who look out at you as if to say, "Do I shock you? Or arouse you? Sniff my little bunghole," and made me want to punch them in the face.

The Hons are drawn from live models observed on a scouting trip to Fort Avenue. Man, those South Baltimore girls--they dress to arouse not only illicit but illegal thoughts in the male passer-by, but then around age fifteen they start getting pregnant, and by the time they've reached the age of consent they're already obese neighborhood matriarchs.

The "Vandals" are drawn with less anthropologically accurate detail because spray-painted tagging is associated with hip-hop culture, and because of the racial segregation of Baltimore and my own relatively sheltered life I don't know any urban black kids who'd be at ease letting me use them as models. So they'll just have to find immortality through their tags.