Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 05/28/03

Artist's Statement

I'm finding things even more depressing now that the war is over and "won" than they were before it started. As always, the Assholes get their way, with the full support of the Idiots. Now it's on to the domestic agenda, like tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy. And just yesterday someone in the Bush administration said something vague but ominous-sounding about supporting the people of Iran if they decide they want freedom. Plus it's been raining relentlessly here for two fucking weeks, in the middle of May, when it's supposed to be sunny and springlike. Yesterday a friend's truck got mired in my lawn, which has turned into a bog, and we called a tow truck, which also got stuck in my lawn, and had to call a second, larger tow truck to come winch out both vehicles. Now my lawn is maculated by unsightly gouges, and still it rains. But here at The Pain--When Will It End? we do not give in to despair. No--at The Pain we are always looking on the bright side, finding the silver lining, making lemonade. Thus we are forced to console ourselves with thoughts of heartbreak and land wars in Asia.