Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 08/20/03

Artist's Statement

Oh, uh, this? This is nothing. Just a little something I came up with at the last minute. Inconveniencists, get it? Ah ha, ah ha, ha heuhhhhhgh. Aw, fuck all of you. It's August.

Footnotes: Cameos in this one include Karen Core, who explained the worm virus to me, New Yorkers Megan Kelso and Mike Buckley, moisture hater Jim Fisher, and myself in a rare dual role, as both myself and as Alcor the Inconveniencist. Michael Kirby is Mizar. Mizar and Alcor are the names of two of the stars in the Big Dipper. In fairness to Verizon I will explain that my phone stopped working on Monday, the nice robot lady in the voice mail labyrinth promised they'd fix it by Wednesday, Tuesday night it started working again as mysteriously as it had stopped, so I cancelled the repair order and then of course it stopped working again Wednesday morning, when I called back and the robot lady in the voice mail labyrinth promised it would be fixed by Friday. I finally got a human agent on the line and explained that I was a free-lancer who had to e-mail in my work and had a deadline at five on Friday, so it absolutely had to be fixed by then. The guy came to fix it Saturday morning.