Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 12/24/03

Artist's Statement

Hey you know what? I had a lot going on this week so I was, like, fuck it, it's better than Waminalz. Last week I welcomed suggestions for a capture-of-Saddam cartoon and discovered why it is that I am the guy thinking up and drawing the cartoons and you are the people reading them.

A number of readers have complained that the cursive print in the "Queer Eye Makeover" panel in last week's cartoon was too tiny to read. A transcript is now included in last week's artist's statement.

Merry Christmas, everybody! They're talking Orange Alert today so why not everybody drink too much, fuck whoever you want, tell everyone you love that you love them and tell all the people you never really liked that you never really liked them. Happy New Year.


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