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Updated 9/28/05

Artist's Statement

A little bit of a cop-out here, what with two panels instead of the usual four. I had to draw a big demanding illustration for the City Paper's comics issue and attend the Small Press Expo in Bethesda this weekend, and so did not get around to beginning this cartoon until the hootenanny at Cox's Pub Sunday night. This seemed like an expedient, if lameassed, solution.

Think about it: there is nothing in his entire life that Gerorge W. Bush has not fucked up. He's not very smart and he can't do anything particularly well. His daddy's connections got him into Harvard, where he partied and got C's. His daddy gave him an oil company to run and he drove it to bankruptcy; his daddy bought him a baseball team to manage and he traded away their best player. He was a mean drunk who got arested for driving under the influence and threatened to beat up his father, and he was born again as a mean Christian who knew all about the apocalypse but not the Beatitudes. He's a crappy father who brought up a couple of hard-partying, half-bright brats just like him. He gave away tax cuts to his campaign donors and blew hundreds of billions on vanity wars and turned the Clinton surplus into a defecit. He squandered the goodwill of the entire world after 9/11 and lied us into a pointless war that he still can't win. He failed to evacuate his citizens before the greatest natural catastrophe in the nation's history and failed to help them afterward. The only thing he's done successfully is to dutifully sign any law that's written and put before him by the people who paid for and own his presidency. He is easily the worst president in U.S. history, a disatrous failure in a crucial era. He's a complete fuckup, a failure, and an asshole. If his daddy hadn't been rich and powerful he'd be bullying his teenage employees at an Arby's now.

For information on the Quixotic but nonetheless urgently necessary project to impeach his worthless ass, see


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