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Updated 3/21/07

Artist's Statement

I will request your indulgence for me, Phelætia Czochula-Hautpänz, to write the report of the artist for this week. It is difficult to be clear what arrived at Mr. Kreider this week. The cruel burning destruction of these pitiful bears, what portends it? His genius is elliptic and not always immediate to seize, thus it is dubious if this is a work of not very orthodox but overriding brilliance or he became mentally defective. I am informed of his engagement with his colleagues to draw the youthful topics that call upon them more, and with his promise to our Master of the Web Dave to depict the battles in outer-space; however, I am also private with the intimate outlines of the life of Mr. Kreider and can say without fearing an infringement of confidence that it is hard for him of late. I know that the thoughts of the war oppress him and lead him ever downwards. Perhaps like the summer spent in the unhealthy imaginations of H.P. Lovecraft he reprocesses now in infantile pleasures of the vampires and the cuddly toy and the super-hero. Always the winter and the loneliness of New York saps his will to live, and often in March he considers the suicide or to move to Paris, which I ensure him is colder and less accomodating always. Thus this worrying destruction of the bears stuffed of cuddly toy by the vampires can be a “call for the assistance.” But I estimate that the unexplainable aspect of “Captain America” in the last panel, the youthful symbol of the patriotism which Mr. Kreider maintains alive in his work, is a sign of hope with which the wounded psyche can lodge power to cure itself.

I am currently with work updating certain aspects of the Web site. I updated already the archives, the "Books," the “Friends of Pain” page of the links, and am correcting painfully many odd technical problems in the pages of letters, which should make them more pleasant for reading. Also, I will try to inform the readers while I result in progress and the improvements.  

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