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Updated 03/18/09


Artist's Statement

I received an email from my friend Aaron two weeks ago titled "Apex Bathroom Tile that contains what looks like a Tim self-portrait" with the following image attached:

"It seems strikingly obvious to me," Aaron wrote, "but I'm not going to say where it is in the tile for fear of prejudicing. Second email will be a closer up of area in question. I expect a delegation from Rome at any moment."

After I sent him the rendering featured in this week's cartoon to confirm I was interpreting the image the same way he saw it, he sent me this closer view.

"I mean come on," he wrote, "that's crazy."

"I see it as having a more haunted, gaunt look than your rendering," he said, "possibly an artifact of the speckled/ mottled tile giving the face a diseased look. It reminded me of one of your faces of someone stupified by drugs, life, work, etc. I will take a couple more establishing shot photos for context and send them along. It's in a fancy tile shower stall on the second floor with a several colors of tile: green, black, whitish. It was installed by a company named Portuguese Touch and considered to have been kind of an extravagant waste of money, but it is a great shower and I use it pretty much exclusively."


The address of the building that houses the miraculous image is being witheld out of respect for the privacy of the occupants. Those wishing to make contributions to the Church of the Blesséd Tile may do so directly below.

$5 - $10: The blessings of the tile upon you and your pet[s]

$10 - 25: Comfort for spiritual afflictions (doubt, grief, ennui, and/or the blues)

$25 - 50: Healing of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses

$50 - $100: healing for major medical problems or intercession on behalf of deceased loved ones (your choice)

$100 - up: guarantee of Heaven (no harps)

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