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Updated 04/01/09



Artist's Statement

The above illustration accompanies an essay on alcohol and time written for the New York Times's online "Proof" column, which I invite you to peruse in lieu of an artist's statement this week. This is not an April Fool. I will be a regular contributor to their upcoming series "Happy Days," so watch for my pieces on the Times's website starting in late April.

Okay so we're not off to a great start with the self-motivation regimen and keeping up the weekly schedule without the external incentive of a deadline. But give a man a break. For the first time in years, instead of spending my weekend holed up in The Turret drawing, I lay around watching W.C. Fields movies and ate a whole pie with Boyd at the Undisclosed Location. We saw a Cooper's Hawk, a Bald Eagle and some Whistling Swans, and apprehended the mouse that's left thousands of tiny turds on my kitchen counter. We also decided we're going to go meet women at a Dude Ranch. So the week was not without its accomplishments.

A real cartoon next week, promise. If you want to provide some external incentive, our donation button is directly below.

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