"Winning of Hearts & Minds" (October 17, 2001)


"Osama's Sentence" (October 24, 2001)


Artist's Statement

Ah, I was once an evil genius. A friend of mine pointed out that the discovery of pornography on the computers seized at Osama's HQ was an ideal occasion to remind readers of my astonishing prescience by re-running these two classic cartoons from the dawn of the War on Terror, drawn mere weeks after the September 11th attacks. I'm sorry to dwell on this, but once again it turns out I was right about everything. Even then I foresaw that the will of Allah could not stand against the force of our awesome American jugs. Porn is the terrorists' Kryptonite. Lust conquers all. I rejoice in the inexorable triumph of our Godless and degenerate hedonistic culture over the cult of No More Fun. Welcome to the Pax Erotica.

Of course we have no way of knowing for sure that the porn in question was actually Osama's, but in a way it would be even sweeter an irony if some flunky bodyguard furtively downloaded the Favorite Naked Girls of Tumblr and it ended up getting posthumously hung around Osama's neck. It's a fitting coda to the life of a world-class douche.


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