"Gandhi or Batman?"

(25 January 2012)



Artist's Statement

How much do you know about the 20th century's leading practitioner of nonviolent resistance and Gotham City's #1 crime fighter? Answers next week!

Please do not ever imagine for one minute that any of our cartoons here at The Pain comics are anything other than cleverly veiled metaphorical commentaries on the most important political, social, or existential questions of our time. It may just be harder to ferret out the hidden meaning of some cartoons than of others. Rest assured the last thing we at The Pain would ever do is attempt to foist some piece of rank silliness on you, our devoted readership, as if it had some redeeming artistic value (see "Death of Gandhi," 28 March 2001).

Thanks to Pain reader Bonner, also our official liaison to the Tim Kreider Appreciation Society, for the inspiration for this week's cartoon. I only regret I did not have time to draw the fabulous Gandhimobile!


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