Below is the latest The Pain -- When Will It End?
Updated 06/06/01

Artist's Statement

This piece of verse was penned, or rather uttered, by my friend Bart while we were in college. I've always meant to get around to illustrating this text, and this week, finding myself without any better ideas, I finally pulled it out of the big "Cartoon Fodder" file and finished it.

I remember it always used to irk Bart that I would get laughs by slightly rephrasing, wringing variations on, or otherwise stealing his jokes and running them through the chop shop of my own mind. It never ends, my friend. Now I'm pulling down two figures a week using your stuff while you're struggling to pull down a measly few million a year running your own business. Hah!

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Note Surreptitiously Delivered to a Girl Sunbathing on the Hopkins "Beach"

      Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
      But it is spring, and you are hotter.

Tim is a Cat-Fucker

      Tim is a cat-fucker.
      Do not let his clever demeanor
      Fool you about what he does with his weiner.
      Oh!--the salacious things he does
      With that cat!