"This Is the Worst"
A Collaborative Art Project

May 30, 2012

I am pleased by the quality of submissions to the "This Is The Worst" project. (Which I am persisting in calling it a "project" rather than a "contest" even though my friend Carolyn, one of this week's submitters, insists: "It is a contest because the prize is being chosen to appear on your website.") They span a range of horrors from the mundane to the cosmic, the dull to the grotesque, and each has its own defensible claim to being The Worst. Let us plunge right in to the carnival of humiliations.


Submitted by Diane Chambers-Stewart

Secretary of Do-I-Look-Like-I-Give-a-Shit Hilary Clinton, looking unabashedly hung over at some sort of high-level world-leader-type function, blatantly texts her friend like anyone else trapped in a boring-ass meeting. (Diane did not cheat by deviating from the assigned word balloon, incidentally; she couldn't figure out the Photoshop hocus-pocus and just sent me the raw image, and once I realized Hilary was texting I decided to custom-adapt the balloon. In the future I will consider custom word balloons on a case-by-case basis.) God how I wish that was a cocktail in her hand.


Submitted by Paul Osimo

Here we see another high-profile individual in sadly reduced professional circumstances: decorated astro-droid R2-D2 glumly submitting to his degradation in the very crappiest of George Lucas's Star Wars sequels, The Phantom Menace. I'm not actually sure whether we are to infer that the word balloon in this panel is a.) a translation of R2's electronic bleeps and flatus or b.) the words of actor Kenny Baker, simmering away in the crockpot of the R2 costume and no doubt transforming its interior into a human-sized bong.


Submitted by Jesse Fuchs

Jesse writes: "I especially like the balloon's Jimmy Corriganesque effect on Anderson Cooper." I was also reminded of some of the paintings of Francis Bacon. I myself would not have recognized Mr. Cooper. That is quite a large cat. The more I look at this photo the more I think that yes, perhaps this is the worst: gorged to Harkonnenesque proportions and then dragged helplessly, glassy-eyed, paws asplay, in all your hilarious grotesquerie, onto national television to be held up and displayed like a record-setting bigmouth bass by some pinstriped, superannuated prettyboy for the entire human race to gawk at and delight in. But then I see something like the below and am forced to reconsider:


Submitted by Carolyn Ewald

"Those are live pigs," writes Carolyn, who is involved in Animal Rescue. "Isn't that horrible?" The answer is: yes it is. Somehow through sheer repetition the image transcends the specific to become metaphoric, universal, an image of humanity trapped and suffering en masse but in isolation, like the paintings of George Tooker. I'm also thinking of a line from the black climactic speech in Cormac McCarthy's play The Sunset Limited:

"...if that pain were actually collective instead of simply reiterative the sheer weight of it would drag the world from the walls of the universe and send it crashing and burning through whatever night it might yet be capable of engendering until it was not even ash."

More submissions are welcome. I hope to make "This Is the Worst" a recurring feature. If you've tried to submit an entry to letters@thepaincomics.com and it got bounced back, I apologize. I now have a new, functioning email address:

Please note that my literary agent, the fabulous Meg Thompson, has also changed addresses:

I look forward to hearing from you all again.


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